The Swedish Horn & Tusk Society, SHOTU,
is a non-profit and independent trust – insuring wild Rhinos and Elephants are not just a part of our history.

The Problem 01

Rhinos and Elephants are being killed, poached and slaughtered for their horns and tusks. The rate that they are being killed at is devastating and the one thing scientists, organisations and media agree on is that wild rhinos and elephants will not be around for much longer. No joke, no exaggeration – at this rate wild elephants and rhinos will not be a part of our near future. The Swedish Horn and Tusk Society – SHOTU – has found a way to help and slow our march into this alarming future. But for us to help, to slow the high speed at which we are marching, we need your help.

How we work 02

Through donations and contributions we manage the SHOTU fund which on the 18th of December each year is granted, in its full, to the person, persons or organization that SHOTU finds most well-intentioned, in need of funding and most likely to make a difference. Every December we present the following years recipient.


Each year we research, meet and visit many great rhino and elephant projects from around the world. It is among these protectors of wildlife that we choose a great and deserving cause to support. Sometimes they need support in paying salaries, guards, a 4×4 or even a new bull or cow. We always follow up and present the results after our fundings have been shared. Below is the receptient and cause of this coming year.


Ok, here they are, We Kebi. A great farm, a great setup and a great heart. They manage a fenced area with Rhinos, their goal is the re-introduction of wild Rhinos in the Namibian desert. They need our help financing a Rhino cow. So, donate! This is a great project that we will grant the Shotu fund 2019 at the end of the year and fingers crossed we can be on sight to actually purchase a mature cow at auction. Follow our instagram for updates and our progress.
Let´s welcome Ms Shotu to We Kebi.

How to help 03

Take action! The SHOTU fund is based on donations and contributions through one of the following channels:


Here you donate, simple as that, choose a sum that fits your wallet. With the swipe of a credit card or the signing of an invoice you or your company can make sure that elephants and rhinos can roam free tomorrow as well, but hurry, elephants and rhinos are running out. After your donation you receive a certificate of donation, something for the wall, drawer or soul.

Minimum Price: 1,000 kr

Our shop

Yes, prices run high, but remember! all products are limited, very cool and all proceeds got to the SHOTU fund.

The SHOTU Grey Tee

999 kr

The ultimate tee. Heater grey and SHOTU branded, ultimate. (Please leave size in comment box at checkout)

The SHOTU Patch

500 kr

Here it is. Run your colours. Show all that you are part of SHOTU. (Leave choice of color in comment box at checkout)

The SHOTU fund 04

SHOTU is it contributors, its sponsors and its donors. Here they are:



Thank you for helping us help. Your donations are very much needed and appreciated. Your donations are placed in the SHOTU fund and will be donated in its full at the end of the year. Some of the heroes below:

Klas Hellman, Erika Hellman, Marcus Ölvestad, Marcus Lilliehöök, AB Gullringsbo Egendomar, STRUKTURINVEST, familjen Looft and many more.

Who we are 05

We are a group that care, that want to make a difference, we want to help others make a difference and we want wild elephants and rhinos to be a part of our future. We believe in a sustainable outtake and footprint. We also believe in putting in more then you take out – this is the SHOTUs essence and reason for being.